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Whitby’s Lotus Home Interiors brings sophisticated living spaces within reach
By Amanda Walsh

Driving along Baldwin Street in Brooklin just a few doors north of Highway 7 it is impossible to ignore the sparkle that catches your eye at Lotus Home Interiors. However, the bling in the window is just a hint of the stunning design inspiration that awaits inside the doors.

When you enter the shop you are instantly drawn in by the inviting elegance. Double story cathedral ceilings allow natural light to cascade down into the showroom with the added light from a selection of contemporary, elegant chandeliers. This is just one of the unique design details that reflect the talent of co-owner and chief designer Zoe Lucyk and her husband Paul.

This is the first introduction to the distinct sense of style the couple brings to Brooklin. Down to earth, warm and bright, the couple make me feel at home. Paul, chief designer and co-owner of the shop is ready to show me around and there is a sense of familiarity about him that sets me instantly at ease.

“Where do I begin,” he ponders when I ask him about their shop. There is a sense of pride, but it is toned down and comfortable, completely free of pretension. Instead he has a shy awareness that there is something special about what he and his wife have created here.

Paul is from a family of contractors and designers and he was nine years old when he took on his first kitchen design project. He helped his mom Daniela, former Designer of Cherney’s Interiors in Whitby, design her dream “Brady Bunch” kitchen. Together they painstakingly created that distinct retro 70’s brick wall. As Paul tells me the story, I am drawn to a stunning brick wall at the front of the shop. I ask if that is where the inspiration for the lovely rustic vignette originated and he smiles nodding.

That is the beauty of the shop. In this corner there is a clearly rustic, edgy look, while right beside it sits a country charm kitchen and across from it a sophisticated, retro looking living room complete with a thick ribbed oversized sofa with corduroy upholstery. Each display speaks to a different feel, yet they all reflect the same sense of sophistication and comfort that is distinctly Zoe.

White decorative candles lit on a wooden table
We move closer to the display where a textured brick wall made from a laminate product sits above panels created from reclaimed wood from a circa 1860’s Brooklin home. Displayed on the wall are charming window frames complete with the original glass repurposed as rustic wall art. The windows were salvaged from Paul’s family home.

Above the brick is a hand-built wood pergola that Paul patiently aged for two years and then finished to create a natural looking patina that captures the same feeling of the reclaimed wood. A circular chandelier made of metal slightly weathered and rusted casts an interesting shadow. “My son did this,” says Paul pointing up at the customized beams that complete the feel of the rustic display.

It is a family-owned and operated business with their son Anthony working part time and Zoe’s mom Kathleen working as showroom manager. The showroom became a necessity as their design services grew in popularity and Zoe was making far too many trips into the city to show her client’s suitable décor items to meet their needs.

I am impressed by the price tag dangling from their products. “We have brought together a collection of items that are surprisingly affordable,” says Paul. In the spirit of bringing sophisticated living to homeowners they look for design solutions within their customers’ means. Popular design styles such as those found at Restoration Hardware are offered to their customers at prices that are more reasonable.

“We are constantly looking for new items for the store,” says Zoe. They offer a massive selection of special order items as well as custom designed furniture. A perfect example of the innovation you will find at Lotus is one of their dining lines. “You can choose the wood and finish and even shape of leg you want for the set,” she says.

The couple has a keen understanding for what individuals want while paying special attention to quality and encourages people to shop Canadian. “Consumers don’t realize that a change to tariffs has made many imported products more expensive as it gets passed onto the customer.”

However, in their search for exceptional home décor items they also carry specialty imports such as their flooring line from Italy. The couple works with dependable partners with whom they have forged strong relationships over the years. Zoe points out that they want companies who will stand behind their work for many years to come.

Paul walks me over to another display with lovely, feminine sofas and chairs. The furniture is striking and elegant with a touch of Hollywood glam but still clearly designed for comfort and everyday living. Customers can sit and discuss Zoe’s line of custom furniture, Lotus Upholstery. “We work with a manufacturer in Mississauga and Zoe comes up with the designs. We can also work from a drawing if a customer has a specific idea in mind.”

That is the essence of Lotus Home Interiors. They understand that the need of each client is highly individual and they have catered their design services to meet each person’s needs. “It’s easy for a customer to walk in to our store and spot something they love, but the question is will it work in their home,” says Paul. “We make sure that everything we offer to our customers works for them so they are happy to live with their decisions.”

Lotus offers the rare opportunity for customers to choose to shop, design, renovate or decorate on their own terms. You can ask for simple design advice in the shop, schedule a colour or in-home design consultation or have them do the whole project from conception to installation.

“Before people overextend themselves it is always a good idea to have a realistic idea of what it costs to do something,” says Paul. “We can show them ways to have the look they want without necessarily overspending.”

Lotus Home Interiors creates beautiful spaces offering a gentle nudge in the right direction or a jolt to awaken your entire design scheme.

Article Source: http://www.durhamregion.com/

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